Your Garden Will Never Be The Same

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did You See September?

Anyone with news of where the month of September ran off too, please respond!

How could an entire month just up and walk away without me seeing it go?

I hope someone saw it because at this desk September seems to have just up and left the building.

Fine how-do-you-do as I am quite sure I saw it arrive.

But to just breeze in the door and flee right out without warning?

Rude manners should not be endured.

I don't care what month you are, have some respect already.

But you know the strangest thing happened while the beauty of September was skulking away.

No, nothing fantastic happened with my flowering beauties.

Neither was anything alive profoundly provocative in other ways.

My regular readers may think I was abducted by aliens, but I am still here.

Still my self. Though an entire month just arrived and left without giving proper 30 days notice.

Should any of you even toy with the notion that I have run out of words to type ...

Well. May I insist that you are without common sense?

To quote my son, "You talk to much!"

Whether silently, via the keys, or spoken to human ears, I have not been suddenly silenced.

Quite the contrary! The truth be known that my freelance writing world has been set on fire.

All I did was lay in a bit of kindling.

A pitiful pile of twigs it was and then found the matches wet.

Sad one that it was. Wee smoldering mess capable of only a weak flame now and again.

This is until the entire forest caught fire.

Now, I am curious as to whether my fingerprints have worn off from the typing.

Perhaps, I could even think about the topic of plants in the next day or so.

What a brilliant notion! To pick up where I was so rudely interrupted.

The good news is the bills are covered with excess until the next 5 weeks fly by.

Need to know anything about debt management, credit repair, bankruptcy and the like?

I am a walking encyclopedia after the research and projects churned out in past days.

Skin care and acne getting the best of you? Yes, I have become a font of knowledge here too.

Ready to start your own hydroponic veggie garden to save your from Salmonella?

Just ask, I may just know the knowledge that you seek.

Maybe after a full 8 hours of not working and good night's sleep ...

Some crazy story or some plant growing wisdom may filter through the mess.

One never knows what lurks within the mind of Lost In The Flowers.

Stay tuned, it is always possible myself will be allowed to be regular again.

Come to think of it - - YES!

There is something that may be of great interest to anyone who stumbles upon these pages.

Tune in tomorrow. Fingers are punching out for the day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For the Love of Leaves

The trouble with color is it speaks to me. If they would just make more leaves true red and royal purple, I could have more fun with them.

I was messing around with my camera the other day just to see how it would do on closeups. These are some sections of my container gardens at my front door. Silver and purple seems to be this years theme.

Image © Lost In The Flowers Media

The combination of Purple Diamond Loropetalum above the silver falls of Dichondra is just stunning. The Loropetalum I got at Lowe's and was incorrectly tagged. I was not very happy when I discovered it was not the Purple Pixie Loropetalum I had visions of cascading down the side of the container. Of course by that time it had already increased the root ball beyond the size of the 6" pot and I could not exchange it for the right plant. Still, it is a lovely and colorful shrub even if it will not remain small enough to live much longer in a pot.

Image © Lost In The Flowers Media

Ah, Snow Fairy Caropyrtis how I do love your bright white leaves. You look so lovely with the Blackie Sweet Potato and some red Verbena peeking through here and there. Once upon a time there was some Laguna Lobelia in there .... somewhere. They got smothered out long ago I'm afraid.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Garden Frosting

Cone-fections Plant Feature...

Echinacea purpurea 'Meringue'
Image courtesy of Plants Nouveau

Like icing on a cake. Creamy and attractive petaling that may just find it's way to being a favored blossom for wedding cake decor. What a lovely bloom to team up with romantic pink rose buds to add unusual flair to nuptials celebration traditions.

Echinacea 'Meringue' is a petite new introduction in the Cone-fections series that comes to us from The Netherlands. Add a little evening glow to your garden. Nicely compact for smaller spaces and an excellent candidate for front row placement. Arie Blom has again created a densely branched Echinacea that is fully double and extremely floriferous. Reported to be in full flower from July through September, Meringue has great garden merit.