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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trail of Tears

This USA Today article brought tears to my eyes.

People, I know times are getting tough in our ever sickening US economy. Please ...

Creative Commons Image by GabZilla

DO NOT TURN YOUR HORSES FREE because you can't afford to feed them.

Use your heart and your head.

Wild horses do fine in the wild, because they have never had a caretaker. Tame horses turned loose will starve to death and could suffer severe dehydration. Growing numbers of uncontrolled horses will also become a huge threat to the safety of motorists. NO ONE who collides with a horse while driving lives. Have you ever read "The Horse Whisperer"?

Do not abuse domesticated horses by allowing them to run free. They will starve to death just as fast running loose as they will in your paddock.

If you have horses that you can no longer afford to feed, you do have options available. Before you do something as cruel and drastic and turning it out to run wild. STOP!
  1. Give the horse away to someone who can feed and care for the poor animal.
  2. Contact the equine rescue organization nearest to you. They will have a safe haven your animal can be taken too. Most likely the horse protection group will even come and pick up your horse to put it into safe keeping. There are links to some below.

I do hope my readers will pass this message on. The web should be littered with a notice such as this. Perhaps spreading word about this issue will make people stop and think before getting this desperate and acting without rational thought.

Creative Commons Image by Big Grey Mare

Horses are the most beautiful of tame beasts. Many of them will gladly follow their trusted human around like a dog. While it has been a few years since I last owned a horse, they still hold a huge place in my heart.

Animal cruelty is the same no matter what domesticated four-legged creature the ignorance is aimed at. Any horse that causes a motor vehicle accident because it is running wild can cause the legal owner to be held liable for damages to life and property in most states.


  1. Hi Tammy

    This is definitely a campaigning post!

    I came over to wish you a happy new year.

    Hope 2009 turns out to be settled, interesting and (without getting over optimistic) prosperous.


  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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